Ask Anything: Friday Q&A With Wade Shepard, Silk Road Traveler

Each Friday, On The New Silk Road will feature an open Q&A session with a wide range of Silk Road travelers, researchers, and the people working on the ground making it happen. This gives you an opportunity to get information direct from the source and talk with the people who are out there on the Silk Road. Ask questions, get advice, share what you know.

Around once a month, I will man the lines and be available for questions on all things related to the Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative, Eurasia, etc. As this is our first Q&A, I figured I would go first. So let’s have at it:

I started traveling the world in 1999, and found myself on the Silk Road for the first time in the spring of 2015. My first book, Ghost Cities of China, was just published and On The New Silk Road was meant to be the sequel. My original intention was to travel up and down the routes of China’s Belt and Road for a year, write a book, and get on to something else. Things didn’t quite work out that way, as I found the story was much bigger that I previously imagined and, personally speaking, the experiences that I was having were exactly what I was looking for as a traveler. I got hooked.

So feel free to ask me anything about traveling, the New Silk Road, journalism … below.

Some starter questions:

Why did you start this newsletter? You already have an excellent platform on Forbes, why is this needed?

What regions of the Silk Road do you feel are the most promising right now?

Where along the Silk Road do you recommend someone to travel?

What is going to be the state of the Silk Road after the coronavirus pandemic?

How does someone get started doing on the ground research on the Silk Road?

Or ask anything else. The comments are open below!

Thank you.

Walk Slow,