Silk Road Q&A Open Thread: How To Travel The New Silk Road

It’s time for another Silk Road Q&A open thread.

Rather than having this Q&A session be just for Friday, let’s extend it out through the weekend. We have many community members in timezones spread out across the globe, and our discussions tend to go on for a couple of days anyway ...

Feel free to open the discussion up a little more, as many of the people commenting here have a lot of their own experience and expertise that’s worth sharing. So feel free to ask questions to both myself and anyone else who participates in these threads.

That said, last week’s session was even better than the week before it. We had 73 comments from a wide array of Silk Road researchers, travelers, and watchers, and I feel as if we learned a lot from each other and had a good time doing it.

We seemed to have a good deal of interest in Silk Road travel last week, so let's make that the theme this week.

How to travel the New Silk Road / Belt and Road?

Sample questions:

—> How do you get started traveling the Silk Road / doing on the ground Silk Road research?

—> What places do you recommend traveling to?

—> How do you balance being researcher and being a tourist?

—> Why document Silk Road development?

—> What to do when you’re actually there on the ground?

—> How to make contacts and make the most of your travels?

—> How and where to publish your findings?

Or ask any other questions that you may have.

Please also feel free to go off-script. While each open thread will have a theme this doesn’t mean you need to constrain your enquiries to fall within these parameters. If you have a question, ask it.

As always, let’s have fun with this. Be nice. Fire away.

Walk Slow,


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